Run after Heavens


All the angels are singing. And if  the singing and glorifying of one of them could  be heard, people should fall down as dead bodies, leaving their bodies and riding on their spirits, their souls, to the stage of heavens.

And those souls will not ask for anything, any treasures, any materials. They would just running to hear that holy singings from heavens.

O people! Let us reach to that stations where you should forget everything from materials; you should run away from treasures. If the whole world would be full with diamonds and pearls and emeralds and rubies, you would kick them away, but asking to hear, tasting that holy singing through angels, through heavens.

O people! Don’t waste your precious lives, don’t live just to pass away, like this you are losing endless glorifying from heavens.
O people! Now reduce your running. Now reduce your speed a little bit for understanding the pleasure, endless pleasure from heavens. When the angels are reaching to a level and appearing to you from reality, you are running on it to reach and to enjoy yourself and to give your high respect to the Lord of Creation.

O people! Please reduce now your speed. Enough you are running after dunya, because dunya is like a carcass. Don’t run after it, but run to reach heavenly stations to be granted endless pleasure, endless beauty, endless peace, endless lights, endless pleasures, endless enjoyment, everything endless through that level. Run on it.

Leave this imitated life and leave this short time of life to make it full enjoyment for your egoes. Leave your egoistic enjoyments and run after spiritual enjoyments; heavenly enjoyments. Run after it, you should be happy and in safety and in endless pleasure that time.