piccolabasmalahimages-5Honor does not come by means of worldly possessions. No, not at all. O our Lord, our Subhan, to be in Your Presence, to be with those who are in Your Presence – that is honor. There is no honor other than that. Not at all. To be with those holy ones gives man strength, it gives man mightiness, it gives man honor, it gives man devotion. Those who say “Allah, Allah” find honor. O our Lord, how happy are  those who keep the dhikr/remembrance of the Beloved Habib. How happy are the servants who behold the Magnificent Ka’aba. If only we could be from them. They have no distress. They do not get distressed. They do not get distressed for dunya/this world.

What is dunya? It is filth. Dunya is not something honorable that you should be sad. No. Why become sad? Why suffer because of dunya? It is empty. Look at what is full. Behold the Magnificent Ka’aba. May it come to us; may the beautiful air of the Magnificent Ka’aba come to us so that our bodies will be refreshed. May our bodies be refreshed with the dhikr/remembrance of our Lord. And you will have no worries. No worries. Full of joy, your face will fill with joy. Let’s go to the Magnificent Ka’aba. The Magnificent House, let’s go there. Let’s visit there and behold. The Magnificent House, let’s breathe its air. Allah Allah.