Why have we been created?

It is crucial that you understand one thing: we are here only to serve the King. This is our natural condition, that makes us happy. You’re here to forget yourself and to listen to the divine call. God tells you: ‘Serve and praise. If you do that, I’ll take care of you, heal the sadness in your heart and in return I will give you beauty, peace and serenity. “

But if you do not listen, and instead put yourself in the center of your life, and think only to serve your desires, your problems, your worries, you end up depressed. You imprison and suffocate yourself by yourself: like this you will never reach the truth. You will always be wrapped by a dark cloud that will make you feel insecure, useless, never in the right place.

Offer to God your love, your respect and your attention: the more you do it, the more your soul expands, and you are allowed to live your own authentic and deep essence.

Serving only yourself, you experience the pain of the imprisonment. If you instead take the correct position and you put yourself at the service of others, you become free.
That’s the good news: serving the others you can meet the King and set you free. Only by serving the King you will know Him.

If you fall in love, you forget about yourself and just want to serve, you become aware of your true condition. When you serve, your attention is turned exclusively to the King; in this way, at the end you’re like His image in the mirror.

Now, instead, you focus only on your life, and you reflect it, but the more you look at yourself, the more you age. If you mirror yourself in the divine, however, you become more and more beautiful, at any age.

When you treat others well, you treat good yourself. The mind thinks only to serve itself, to satisfy its material and affective needs. And if even it thinks of others, it is to judge them. What a nightmare!

At the beginning you have to serve yourself, but not by pandering to your desires of the material world. The dervishes pray and practicing the dhikr to put themselves at the service of the heart and to realize it.

Begin to see the signs, everything wants to lead you to Him. Then focused on the discipline, and participate with commitment to your practice group.

Find someone to serve: the first is the one you love. The family demands your constant service, you can not avoid it. In the other relationships, if you want you can also stop serving, but when a child is born you are bound to him forever; even if you divorce, your son will be there for all your life, he will always anyway need you, you can not escape. This gives a precise orientation to your life: If you fulfill these responsibilities, you’re already halfway of the path.

It is important to have a family, get a job, because through them, your life acquires a meaning. But still you are not there. Thanks to the wise divine plan, you can never reach the absolute fulfillment in relationships, even if your lover tells you ten times a day that he loves you and if you repeat it to him the same times, even if you get married and have children. In a short time you feel tired, exasperated, you feel that your heart is missing the last fulfillment.

This sense of dissatisfaction will lead you to seek the way up. You’ll feel the need to serve something more real and high, to focus on a single relation, the one that gives you eternal pleasure, nourishment, satisfaction, what makes your life bright: friendship with whom is a friend of God.

Rise to the top. Put the King, God at the center of your life and serve Him, because He brought you here and He will bring you back. This is a truth that goes beyond religion, however the dervishes are devoted and attentive to religious practice.

Religions are the songs of existence: without them the world would sound poor. It is true, religions give rise to a myriad of problems, but if they were not there, the world would not be as beautiful.

What gives profound happiness to my life? If I think about it, I know it’s the opportunity to serve the master. Having someone to serve, to be devoted to, to approach to, is the foundation of my existence. What else can I do? If you do not have anyone to serve, if you do not put yourself in the service of the divine plan, what is the meaning of your life? Where is the light?

I find it extremely boring to think about myself. I prefer to think to serve the others in the best possible way. To serve humanity is not for all: it is very rare to do it, not everyone is an incomparable genius or artists, but everyone can serve the divine.

The Sultan can not explain the state affairs to everyone. If the baker asks him to be made ​​part of the trend of international relations with other countries, what benefit he may get from it? The baker has only to make bread, to make it good and sell it. It is like this that he serves the others. If it starts to talk about politics driving everyone crazy around him because he does not have a clue about it, what is it for?

Everyone must serve where he can serve: you do not need to see yourself small, because there is no high and low. It exists just the right place. Like in an orchestra, if everyone wants to be the first violin, there is no orchestra. If you serve the divine, you can even stand to be treated harshly, from time to time.

You have to deal with things you do not like, if you follow just what you like, you do not go anywhere. As the famous Sheikh of our order Bayazid al-Bistami, his secret be sanctified, used to say: “O God, make me wanting what I do not want.”
Leave your unjustified resistances: try, experiment, be brave.