What is the relation between truth and belief?

Dogmas have always brought suffering and blindness because while the truth is possible to experience, the same cannot be said of a dogma.

Consequently, you can not have faith in a dogma, one can only believe in it; this means that you get to defend it or to attack whosoever opposes it.

The truth, once it is real and alive within us, speaks for itself and does not need any protection.

It becomes our light. It is one, the same for all who can see it.

The next challenge of all religions will be to put the truth, no longer the dogmas, back in the centre of the faith.

If they do not, they will be doomed.

The truth is available to all, around the clock.

First we have to tell the truth to ourselves, and it will never be easy.

We have an organ, the heart, which is the throne of God, and God is the truth.

If we use it, we will be able to see.

We have billions of believers in the world and what is the benefit?

We have only a handful of people who see, who act in the invisible and bring benefits. If they were not here to keep a firm hold on the world, things would be much worse.