Why do we sing the Divine Names?

basmalah piccola

God wants us to find Him, to know Him. In order to do that, we must forget ourselves.
“If you want to meet Me, call My Name” He said. There is no other possibility.

The only source of trouble, suffering, insecurity, is nothing but ourselves.
Once we take the right direction, things will sort themselves out. That does not necessarily mean they they will become better, indeed, sometimes they get worst, but now we understand the meaning. All that happen will hurt us less, and we will discover the real joy.

Everything has been created through His Names. As well each one of us. The knowledge of that particular divine attribute, allows us to see our destination and to reach it.

With that Name, we can do anything, there are no limits in God. But to find it, we have to overcome the narrow limits of our ego and to dive into the depths of His Ocean: there, we will find God, the only existence.

The singing makes you happy, and you need a certain dosage of happiness to move, and with that you move everywhere.
The Chisti say that if a dervish is not singing or listening to the kawali music for three days his soul dies.
This is why they sing.
If you simply recite the Names, even thousands and thousands of times, you keep on thinking something else at the same time, and this is why they don’t work with you. But if you sing them, like the angels do, they will go very deep inside of you. You will realize that after a while you are totally stoned. So sing, and be happy!