To travel is sunnah: it enriches you and makes spiritual openings possible.
You can always see if someone has traveled. One night in Damascus is worth more than seventy nights of prayer, it is said in the tradition. While other cities such as Las Vegas make the heart heavy, they are places infested by demons, already only fir too many lights in the night.
It is important to understand where you go.

In the soul countries like India everyone has a spiritual orientation.
To visit these lands makes us to evolve; something starts to relax within you: you do not understand immediately the reason, you think it is due to the euphoria of the holiday, but you feel more free and happy there.

The dervish always asks permission to the Shaykh before he starts a journey. In the Sufi world you move only by invitation, order or permission.

He tries to develop a spiritual intention for whatever he does. It is his challenge to become more present, sensitive, precise and aware of details.
His intention is his spiritual power.