How to be free?


Every time you have good, holy thoughts, you get closer to the liberation and every time you have thoughts towards this world, the people, your relationships, your problems, you bind yourself to this world and you close yourself in the prison of your thoughts. Liberation is to think of the Divine Names, to enjoy the little things and to forget about yourself. It is to think about what I can do good for others, how can I be more kind to the others. This is why the dhikr, the basic practice of our way of the repetition of the Divine Names, is essential. At the beginning you repeat it for half an hour, an hour, but the true liberation begins when you say it constantly, when you try to be always in the dhikr whatever you hear or see. In this way you will feel the love, the blessings that come upon you, and you’ll forget your desires, your worries. Then you’ll trust in Allah, in the Father and the Mother, who are concerned with your needs. No longer it will be you who has to worry about it.
This is liberation.