Does the master have the power to change the disciple’s fate?


If a perfected Sheikh sees that something seriously heavy is written in the destiny of a disciple, he does not delete it but he may intervene in order to attenuate it: haffixes sign in the spiritual world so that the student will not have lethal accident, but he will be only slightly wounded for example.

The master can not completely erase the eventbecause there is a limit in the influence that can be exerted on what it is writtenIf he would interfere in the matrix stopping completely the accidentthen this would jump on someone elseThis applies also in the positivefor the blessingsIf a saint performs miracles, he will not be able to do it for long, otherwise the history would be rewritten.

Each Sheikh has powers that allow him to perform miraclesIt is not difficultBut he knows that if he would use them too much, he would cause big imbalances able to shake the higher arrangements.

For this reason, the Naqshbandi masters prefer to use rarely the powers at their disposalthey do it only when necessary and after making sure that no one could ever know or can assign them to them.
The founder of our orderShah Bahauddin Naqshband (may his secret be sanctifiedsaid“A Naqshbandi Sheikh can be skinnedbut he never show his powers.”