Does God exist?

piccolabasmalahOne day, sooner or later, it happens to everyone to feel that behind every occurrence there is a plan, an intelligence, an evolution in action. It is unavoidable.
Then we would like to know who is the director, the reason why we are 
here, what is the meaning of our life and all its movements.

Sooner or later you will ask: “What is the origin of my soul, my life, everything around me? “

The dervishes are called the ‘people of la ilaha illa-Llah‘ (No, there is no god but God).

At first it is necessary to deny everything, la ilaha, because nothing remainsnothing is real; nor the world around us, nor our existence, nor our feelings, neither our fears and concerns, as well as our happiness.

What remains is too glaring to be denied, it goes beyond the human understanding: then we say illa-Llah, “except/but there is God.”

To deny the existence of God, it means to deny life and ignore its sourceThe two positions are the two sides of the same coin.

In the search for our origin, what is it the point to go back to the monkeys, like the evolutionists do, and go back up to the amoebas, to the mixtures of gases? Better to think in a direct way, to look at the heart of life and to reach its center: there it turns out that the origin is the Light of God. It is unavoidable.

To the question if God exists, it is wiser to answer yesOnly in this way it is left open the possibility of experiencing His existence.

The ‘yes’ has more value then the no because it opens the doors. The ‘yes’ belongs to the language of love.

The ‘no’ cuts us off, it immediately opens a window on the stress because it means to open a conflict.

If so many authentic ways believe in the existence of God, it is good at least to be in doubt.

Do not believe in God it means to be angry and unhappy about Life; it is equivalent to not be thankful, and then to feel like the victim of existence.

Who does not believe in God can relax: he has in front of himself all eternity to change his mind.

You cannot bring a proof of the existence of God, you can not force anyone to see Him if he does not want to see Him.

God is so great, and it is actually the only one in existence that you cannot miss Him.

You can not prove that He exists, but you also cannot fail to prove it.

If we look at a small child in his eye, we know, God existsHe tells it directly: “I come from Heaven“.

Why are we are born with the need to love and to be loved?

Who planted that seed in us? If there were not a principle of love, why we would be so obsessed with the search for love?

A mystic said: “How could I love God so much if He did not exist?”