What is theology?


When you embark on a spiritual path, at the beginning the theology can be confusing. In truth, all the theologies are a bit crazy, because they are made by man. The word itself says it: it derives from the Greek ‘theos’ God, and ‘logos’ is speech.

Therefore it is the human inquiry, the speculative knowledge about God. To try to apply the human logic to understand and explain God, it is already from the very beginning a trial destined to fail.

God is not logical and cannot be explained. If He would not go far beyond the understanding of our mind, He would not be God.

Let’s look at the story of Adam and Eve: if we take it literally as it has been described, it may look like a theatre piece. Surely it is true, but the way it happened, it is not given to us to understand it.
The tradition has to be respected, but the theology has not to be taken too seriously.

The discussion comes into play when you do not know, you cannot see and you only have an opinion about it. But opinions are not enough. In the tradition we say: if you discuss, you have lost.

To defend an opinion it means discussing. Only when we meet in the heart, the discussion ceases.

A true master invites always the disciple not to believe to what he says, but to verify it by himself, to touch it, to experience it, to taste it himself. Only then it becomes true for him, and only then he can meet those who had made the same experience like him: because they will have the same language and will talk about the same things they have seen.

It starts wanting the Sheikh, then you understand that you must want what the Sheikh wants.

If only the Sheikh is able to see and the disciples not, where is the joy? The greatest joy is to be together, to share, to merge into each other.

If we put two lights in the same room, willing or not willing, they merge.
Every prophet invites us to his maqam, to his spiritual station. Accepts the invitation.

If you put the practice in the center of your life, then the whole world will change. You will change the whole world.

Do not seek relief in the belief, go over, seeks the truth that leads to transformation.