What is the dhikr?


what si the dhikrThe dhikr is the chanted repetition of the Divine Names and the praises of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). It is the divine code in action on our system. It is an energetic phenomenon that opens up our inner senses and puts us in connection with the celestial world.
Dhikurullah means “remembrance of God” does not mean “our” remembrance of God. As long as we are immersed in the state of the ego, we can look inside ourselves only through it, what we see is enwrapped in darkness.

“The remembrance of God” means that we are not us, but our light that has to remember herself. In this way you climb up along the line of the divine spark that is within us, back to its source, Allah. This is why the Sufi Way is also known as “The Way of the return.”

Every soul must return to its origin. And how can it do that? The Divine is the origin then the soul must return to being divine.

The dhikr makes us magnetic. The whole creation then we will serve us, it will give us protection.

It will be as if the tiger in the jungle would offered herself as our bed for the night. That will undoubtedly be the sweetest sleep that we can never have in our entire life. Because every creature knows us, she was told that we are the crown of Creation and has been ordered to serve us.

There is only one thing to do: to serve God, then we will be served. We must become the servants of everyone because if we serve His children, we please Him.

The dhikr is the gateway to the world of the soul.