What is a dogma?

basmalah piccolaThe Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: “True knowledge is achieved through experience.”

That’s why there are spiritual paths that have developed techniques to make possible the inner experiences, so that the truth can become ours.

The difference between a mystical journey and a purely religious one is that the latter focuses on  faith in the dogmas rather than experience.

The dervishes dislike dogmas: they feel that you can not fight to defend a revealed truth which you can not taste.

Who struggles only to defend a dogma and not the truth, is like the dog barking at the Moon.

If you scroll down the history of religions, we see that all the prophets fought dogmas.

When they succeeded in their aim, a new spiritual expansion arose.

But then over the years always the same thing happened: the religious followers

made a dogma of it.

Dogmas are the heaviness of all religions.

The understandable consequence, is that many people nowadays say they do not want to belong to a religion.

Young people do not go to church, synagogue or mosque because they feel a  strong sense of rebellion against the impositions, they want to know the truth.

Through the practice of a spiritual discipline you can have first-hand experience.

If you pray for forty days and your life has not changed radically, then it is better to believe in dogmas.