MAULANA’S WISDOM: Knowledge and Wisdom (1)

We are most in need of wisdom.
Knowledge is one thing, but wisdom is something else.
Wisdom comes directly from the tongue, from hearts. When it is put as writing in books, it becomes knowledge. You may use that, but more important is wisdom.

The Lord may place something of His endless wisdom with anyone. It may be a peasant, or a boy, or a woman, or an old man, it may be with a young man. It may be with an ignorant one, as you might say. He may not have been educated in schools or universities, but he may have been given wisdom.

We have a saying that treasures are mostly under ruins. No one comes and asks for treasures among huge buildings in the center of a city, no. The one who wants to find treasures looks where there are old ruins. From the outside no one could say there may be something there, but underground, among ruins, you may find them. And that person is pleased if he can find broken cups or other broken things. He says even though they are broken, still they are antiques, they are precious, and he takes them, not taking such an unbroken, new thing. If you say, “Do you prefer this or that’?” he may say, “No, this. I prefer it though it is broken. I don’t prefer to have this new and whole cup.”

Therefore, Divine wisdom makes wisdom to be found with anyone. Don’t suppose that it must be with people who look suitable from the outside. No. The doors of Islam are open from the East to the West. We can look anywhere. If we find that wisdom, we may take it from anyone. No need to be a special person, no. Anyone may have it. The Lord may give it to you. However, we must be humble enough to listen to anyone and to look at what his product is, what is he selling. We may take from anyone when we are humble enough.

God Almighty gives His wisdom and He speaks wisdom. You have knowledge. You have so much knowledge. Everyone who comes to me has it – learned people, perhaps scholars, because most Western people are educated. But, as we said, wisdom is something else. We must be humble. We must look among ruins to dig the wisdom out.