May the belief save the world?

basmalah piccola

What unites humanity? Where can it meet, in  belief?

Definitely not, war is made over belief.

If two people have the intention of seeking the truth, they must arrive at the same point, because there is an absolute and unique truth, which is beyond all belief.

It is the largest frame in which everyone can embrace.

Only those who can see are free. We all were born in the truth and we can recognize it, witness it, live it.

Who can see it is able to embrace anyone, talk to anyone and be understood by all. That is the difference.

Being real is the hardest thing, believing it is the easiest thing.

But if you do not act, that belief remains weak.

If believers can not walk together, what can we

expect from those who do not believe?

We need a revolution, indeed an evolution.

Repeating the tradition means only to reiterate the same story.

There’s no time for that.

The tradition should be honored but it should be filled with truth, the truth of each of us.

All the prophets were rebels against tradition: Jesus and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them) first. As Sheikh of Sheikhs Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi said: “All that tradition has left us are simple words. It is up to us to find the meaning. “