Where is God?


where is God sbYou can find God only if you want Him with all of yourself, whatever you’re doing. The dervish wants always God; when he goes to the cinema wants to find him there, when he goes to the grocery store, he wants to find Him there. Whatever he does, he cannot be separated from his need for God.

If you think dust you will become dust. Think of God, you become God. We are guests of this truth.

God is love. Be loving, you will reach Him. God is truth. Be true, you reach Him.

I listen to those who turn to Me in love” is written in the Koran.

If you want God, God wants you.

Even if you do not want Him, He wants you. Eventually you reach Him anyway: it’ll take you just more time.

The dervish is constantly talking to God, to dedicate all his actions, asking for help when he needs it or is confused. He knows however that he should not expect as an answer, that the sky opens and the thundering voice of God resonates instructing him precisely about what to do. It can also happen, but we are not all of Moses.

More simply he could just be sitting somewhere and hear the neighbor saying a phrase, a word, which instantly takes on a special meaning for him. That is the divine response.

Or he notices something written, or he sees something that looks like a sign, or he feels a sudden breeze. The questions that come from the heart of God are always answered.

We always separate the mundane world from the unseen world, but the two worlds are not far away from each other.

God is here and now and it is everywhere, in everything. It is our mind that pushes him away.

The signs exist: we just need to know how to read them. Then life becomes one, and gets a taste.