What is my mission on Earth?


Let me tell you what your true mission on Earth is: to spread love. Not only this is your mission, it is also mine, it is the mission of everyone. But how can you spread love if all you do is enthrone yourself, and criticize, insult, judge, condemn everyone except yourself? How can you spread love, if you hate everyone and in the end even yourself?

If you are looking for your mission, choose this one: control yourself, do not allow to remain in yourself any expression of hatred, violence and abuse. Eradicates the root of your depression.

Do not give yourself any dark thought, no malice. Your every word, your every thought has a power that can serve to elevate yourself or make you fall heavily.

If you want to share your mission with others, begins at once: for seven days and seven nights do not accuse and do not insult anyone who lives on this planet. Do not condemn and do not judge, do not be prejudiced against anyone, do not speak ill of anyone. Do not call anyone as he does not want to be named, and do not blame anyone for your condition, or how you feel. Do not judge the world as it goes, the situations, your own life.

The nice thing about this exercise is that it frees yourself from all uncertainty: it is immediately evident if you‘re following the instructions correctly or not. When you think about someone or you are faced with a new situation, you understand immediately if you have chosen the right direction. Not only that, you may also get an immediate reward. The heart opens, it becomes wide and you are in peace, in joy, no longer plagued by heavy thoughts.

If you do it for seven days and seven nights, your life is transformed. You will experience how much violence is hidden inside of you, and at the same time you take distance. The world will appear to you more silent, less stressful, because you will not want anymore to persecute anyone, and automatically also the pressure of the others that you feel on your the will loosen.

Is there is a revolution faster than this? Everyone wants to achieve great deeds, to change the world, but they do not realize that the real work is about themselves.

If you want to get in touch with the divine, begins to act in a divine manner.
God does not judge you, but loves you anyway. If you want to get closer to heaven, get into that flow, in that reality, begins to act heavenly. If you act so hellish, you will come to turn the world into a living hell.

You will say that it is not easy to control everything that one thinks and says. Exactly! It is not easy, it is not easy at all. It requires only one thing: a lot of work. No job is easy, but it does not matter, a job always involves an effort, and should be done anyway.

You have to work to build a house, imagine to understand yourself It takes time and effort. You’ve worked hard for years and years to root yourself into negativity; now you have to work hard to get back to see the light.

Sure, it is not easy, but it is possible, it is within your reach. You do not have to have practiced  vipassana meditation for at least ten years, nor to be able to sit perfectly in the lotus position, you simply have to stop spreading negative vibes. You’ll see, everything changes

Every moment counts, and it’s up to you to decide what and how much to deposit into your account in the invisible divine bank. Everything good you’ve put there, you will be credited in the afterlife ..