MAULANA’S WISDOM: the right step

Millions of people are sleeping but never awakening. The biggest warner for Mankind is death. Therefore, take your advice from death. Everyone must prepare for that day, to leave his shadow body.

Try to understand the holy words of the Seal of Prophets. He was praying and saying: “O my Lord, make my last day to be my best day”.

You will be taken away. Don’t occupy your effort with nonsense. A little come down with your physicality, so that your spirituality may go up, up, up.

If you are not leaving that heaviness, you can’t go up.

Once a great sultan went hunting. He was running after a deer when he heard in his right ear a voice telling him: “O do you think you have been created for this? for hunting? Do you think that is your main mission in this life?”

This question, is for everyone.

He was running after a deer but now you are running after dunya.

He took the reins of his horse and turning back he said: “I am giving everything for the sake of my Lord Almighty. I am asking forgiveness and I am returning to You, I am changing my target from dunya to Mawla.”

O our Lord, forgive us. We are asking in this holy night that Allah Almighty grants us to understand something of His honorable commands and heavenly orders.

To change my aim from dunya to Mawla: to change my aim from the world to my Lord.

We must understand this. If you are doing something, say: “I am doing this for Your sake, o my Lord, not for my ego. I am trying to do everything for You, o my Lord.”

We must correct our steps. The Lord of Heaven is asking to His servants to come to Him, through qadama sidq (true steps).

You can go to that very special heavenly Presence only with true steps. You must know where you are putting your steps when you go towards the Divine Presence.