If we are His representative why are we so imperfect?

The scriptures say that God created us in His image and likeness. So why are we so imperfect?
The greatest joy of the parents when they look back at the history of their children is to remember them when they were young and dependents, not autonomous and adults.

The most tender period is when they learn to make their first steps, they continue to fall, combined mess and speak in a funny way.

The same applies to the Divine, He loves to see his children who start to take the first steps toward His kingdom.

Where would be the joy of God if he had created everything perfect? Perfection is dead, has no life, no possibility of development. Thanks to new technologies, the computer creates characters and faces that are perfect, but they appear dead. So cosmetic surgery only creates monsters.

It is the imperfection to be perfection, our unique beauty.

The angels are perfect, but they can not love as we do.

You can fall in love only if there is also the possibility of falling, of failing.

God loves to create, to give birth to His children, humanity after  humanity.