How to apply the spiritual path to the daily city life?

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First of all in our tradition we do not distinguish between the city, the desert or the jungle, the ocean, Mars or the moon or the Earth. The spiritual path must be able to adapt to any life circumstances for you. If it is too difficult to create a situation where you can practice, you will not make it. It must be possible for you to make it smooth with your daily life. So it does not matter if you live in the countryside or on a ship. It must be with you, like the skin of your body. When you are young the skin adapts. you get old and the skin adapt, it is not falling away.If it does call the doctor. The same way a spiritual way must function for you. So the theme is in a way a conceptive question. So we do not enter in the specific situations of the city, because we make no difference with the countryside.
There is a saying in Sufism: the dervish is adaptable like water but no one can hold him as you cannot hold water in your hand, except the hand of God.