What is death?

basmalah piccolasb3 profilo what is death


You cannot speak about death because it does not really exist.
There is only birth.
When we are born we enter the visible world, when we die we are born to the invisible world. In the passage it happens a transfer from one vibrational state to another.

Who ever have the chance to witness a birth or a death, he will be impressed by the great blessing that the two events have in common.
The act of dying itself is not sad, it’s sweet. You feel peace and love descending down and they spread all over the room.

Sadness does not belong to those who die, but to those who remain. What leads to death is painful: the agony of a long illness or a fatal accident that does not allow even to prepare event.
Dying is not difficult: it is a relief, it is going back home.
Birth is painful: we are born screaming.

Death is the key to life.