Sufi story: the true blessing


Once upon a time there was a man who had inherited an incredibly beautiful horse. It was so special that the king heard about it and offered him an exorbitant sum for it. The man was very poor, and the sum was really inviting, but he declined the generous offer by replying:
“I could never give up my horse, it is dear to me like a friend.”
The villagers rebuked him, saying, “Are you crazy? How can you refuse such an offer! And the man replied: “You never know what may be a blessing.”
One day the man’s son went out for a stroll on horseback; he fell and broke his leg in a bad way. The wound that he got was so deep that the doctor could not tell if the boy would have been able to walk again. The people then said to the man: “Did you see? If you had sold the horse your son would not have broken his leg and now you‘d be rich. “
And the man replied: “You never know what may be a blessing.”After some time the king went to war with the neighboring country, his army went from house to house to recruit young men skilled at fighting.
Then everyone said to the man: “O you are so lucky! Your son should not go to war and risk his life as our children. “And the man repeated: “You never know what may be a blessing.”