Why do we sing?

piccolabismillahCIMG25782 copiaWhy now you like to make us singing, Shaykh Burhanuddin?
Because now everyone think and think too much while they should sing and sing. Singing is a way to purify ourselves from all the loads we accumulated in our lives, from all our past actions, past thoughts, past emotions. We have such a big deposit of anger, everyone is angry. All the diseases come from stress, thinking too much makes you sick. You are all exhausted, but when you sing you cannot think. You are in joy. You are joy.
The singing makes you happy, and you need a certain dosage of happiness to move, and with that you move everywhere.
The Chisti say that if a dervish is not singing or listening to the kawali music for three days his soul dies.
This is why they sing.
If you simply recite the Names, even thousands and thousands of times, you keep on thinking something else at the same time, and this is why they don’t work with you. But if you sing them, like the angels do, they will go very deep inside of you. You will realize that after a while you are totally stoned.
The ego want the pain, and the singing is against the pain. We live in a time where there is a lot of ego and so our society has become mute. The women do not sing any more, the men as well, and the children sing less. And that silence is not a happy silence. It is an oppressed silence and you do not feel easy any more and you do not want to sing. You do not want to get out of your drama, you want to keep it. You think you want to be happy but the truth is that you do not want to be happy. So sing. And be happy!