How to choose the master?


Among the true masters, very precise ‘traffic rules’ are actingWhen an authentic Sheikh touches you, you acquire a distinctive color. Each master has his own characteristic color: that’s how he puts his signature, and that’s how the other masters, seeing it, they know whom you belong to.

If your heart has been touched, and meet another true master, he will not touch you for respect, nor he will ever overlap his hand on the hand of another Sheikh. But if you claim to have a teacher without showing any color, the true master will realize it and will assign you his own.

So you’re free to go, to meet who you want to meet, but only up to a certain point. The master who has touched you will always have a right on your heart, even if you turn away or leave.

When you meet a Sheikh perhaps you do not recognize him, but he will recognize you and in that very moment he will shoot an arrow towards your heart. Then when he wants he will fish you like a fish, and slowly he will begin to pull the line until one day you will reach the shore.

Do not trust too much in your free will, in your power to determine or influence this process. It is an ineffable process, that drove crazy crowds of philosophers and religious people. It is not easy to understand it.

God loves to enjoy himself, and if your name appears on His list