How to become happy?


 What is happiness? You have to understand its nature: it is an ego-centered desire. It is always linked to an event, which brings us a personal benefit or avoids something that harms us. It has to come and go. All aspects that enslave us, bind us.

Happiness is not permanent: it is a break between two unhappy moments.
Happiness in the ego mode occurs only in small bursts. However, what is permanent is joy, love, peace, bliss.
The easiest way to reach them is the truth.
The common and constant urgency to search for happiness is the reason of our unhappiness. Because happiness compares: we seek happiness in the future or think about something in the past that made ​​us happy, and we want to have the same happiness again.
While joy is always available, is there, in the present, where our life happens. We just have to allow it to emerge. The joy arises when we are ready to give.
The happiness instead always wants to receive, but it did not want to give anything.
Happiness is a state of the ego. A joyful person is magnetic because joy is a state of the soul.
The joy, like love, does not depend on the circumstances, on others, is a divine attribute alive within each one of us. If our intention is rooted in happiness, we can meditate how much we want but we will always find unhappiness. We must seek for bliss, joy. Happiness is personal. Joy is universal.

Joy you do not have to look for, or to practice it, we are all born inside it. When we discover it we become crazy with joy. Joy is cooking inside us, simmering throughout our body all the time. The real miracle is that we are not completely braised with joy. The masters must strive to hide their joy: if they would reveal their true state of ecstatic joy in which they are always immersed,
they would be taken for fools. The angels live in bliss, they have no other feelings.
We can live much higher than them.