Do the Angels exist?


God exists. Angels exist, let’s accept it for now as a matter of fact. But if you do not know the ways to rise up to them, you end up denying their existence.

The dead ones can see us, but we do not see them, because they vibrate at a higher frequency. The same applies to the angels, fairies or elves. Like the ultraviolet light, infrared rays exist in our dimension, but we do not see them because they cover a spectrum of vibration that our eyes cannot perceive.

The Sufi world is connected with the angelic presences. For this reason it teaches us to gather in groups, as in Heaven. In the Islamic doctrine there is a whole science about angels.

The invisible worlds and their beings are precluded to us; they open to us only when by our intention we are focused to reach and serve God through the practice and the expert guidance of a real master.

When we are immersed in the present, free from our situation, what we really are? At that moment, we are no one: this is the existential condition the angels experience. The angels are incapable of generating any ‘situation’. They are related to the present, they can not get out, they are trapped inside the present, this is why they are so fascinated by humans. They see us suffering, lost in our contortions, in our fears. They cannot understand them, they are beyond their reach.

The angels never fall, they have a very high vibration and the only state they know is bliss. Within the hierarchy of creatures, we are above the angels because we are created in the image and likeness of God, we are the crown of creation. We can fall, of course, but our ability to fight and get up again keeping on looking up, makes us superior to the angels who cannot fall.

At the dawn of mankind the angels, who are the projections of the archangels, lived on Earth with the men and they were visible. Later God decided to call them back to their place in Heaven and sent us prophets. They continued to speak of Heaven and to bring us the same message of the angels. After the death of the last, the seal of divine messengers, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), we were sent masters that continue up today to transmit us the same teaching.

The angels are always around us, we can turn to them for help and comfort at any time. Each of us has at least two of them at his service: one behind our left shoulder records our less worthy actions, while the one behind our right shoulder takes into account our good deeds.

The heavenly creatures receive the divine orders and they are at our service, so it was commanded to them. Angels have no thoughts: they are by nature simple because they serve day and night. Only if you are simple you can serve.

When the angels return to Heaven, having fulfilled their task on Earth, they do not retain any memory of their mission. The memory implies the duality of the observer and the observed. This is the condition of a human being. It allows us to observe our thoughts, our actions and emotions. It is what determines our falls, when we are no longer associated with our higher self.

To communicate with us the angels are able to take on any form. They can also enter our body; this is not an easy experience and requires some physical strength not to succumb, they compress the being in its smallest part.

When the archangel Jibril, Gabriel (peace be upon him) entered the body of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), the camel he was sitting on was crushed by his might. On the occasion of another visit his hair became grey instantly. To receive the visit of the angels is rare, they go only to those who have a high rank.

The archangels were the first angels to be created by God; they are divine messengers, the helpers who oversee the world, and keep everything in balance and in harmony.

In the celestial spheres there are twelve main archangels that are the divine matrix of the angelic hierarchies. By projecting themselves in this world, they multiply, giving origin to the ranks of the angels. There are myriads of every size and rank. The closer we get to the end of time, the more angels descend to help us.

The angels are beings of light: their only desire is to praise and serve God, to this they devote constantly in heavenly spheres. They are endowed with extraordinary powers. They do not know the love in human terms: they are fully absorbed and satisfied by their praise and unconditional obedience to God. They do not need food or rest: service to God is their sufficient nourishment.

The archangels are gigantic, occupying the entire sky to the horizon. They have immense and colourful wings, studded with precious stones, which occasionally let fall on the ground. There are also smaller angels, such as those in the Sufi tradition we say are on every green leaf that exists in nature.

The divine order is given first to the angels, and then to the King of  saints the qutb (the pillar, the most elevated master), which then transmits it to the other masters, the animal, vegetable, mineral world, and each one of the unseen world of which he is responsible for.

Everything that exists in Heaven is also the perfect way on the Earth. The invitation of the Sufi path is to behave here as the angels behave in Heaven, imitating them in obedience, bliss, and service. Those who have accepted the invitation and made it their reality are the saints. Then life becomes angelic, sweet, easy, immersed in the beauty and rich in gifts.