How to make the right decision?



Can we claim that we have always been the masters of our decisions?
It is difficult to state to have the full control over our outer life, because in reality it is not in our hands. The only thing we can control is how to behave inside our lives. Making a decision it is already in itself an act that creates tension, stiffness.

Through the mind, through thinking and discussing with ourselves we can not see and decide anything. Wanting to decide it means therefore to be blind. It is better to wait and let God cook the situation for us.

When it is ready the very existence will give us a sign. If we are patient, it will appear. If it does not appear it mean it is not yet the right time, and then you have to stay where you are.
This is why Maulana, to the people who ask him questions about fundamental issues of their personal life such as divorce or job, most of the times he invites them to wait forty days or three months and then to look at the situation again.

If you are questioning yourself about what to do, it means you are not in the present. When you are in the moment, the situation is always easy, clear, it unfolds and speaks for itself: it does not need our decision.

In the present  it is all natural and obvious. The river runs along its course, it has not to decide anything.

The tradition offers us the sunnah, the set of rules of behavior and habits of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and the adaab, the good behavior of the dervish: with them we can solve 90% of all questions. The rest depends on your originality.

We need to give an answer to our life not with a ‘decision’, but with an ‘inspiration’. And that can only happen when you are sinked in the present.

Let’s say  like this: whatever each one decides to do, is the right thing. Knowing this gives us peace.

Every decision you make is the right one, because it is the only one that you can take. If we knew in advance the outcome of our decisions and actions, we’d all be saints, but as it is not so, we must fall, hit our head and become wise through the wrong decisions.

It must be so because the divine plan realizes itself through us. If we are in truth we can not do anything wrong and no one can do anything wrong to us.

Being in truth means to praise the Lord and being absorbed in the practice. In this way, we will not advance any more in life under the weight of our emotions and our thoughts.

We will not feel alone, but accompanied, beloved, embraced. This will bring the light necessary to have a clear vision and always to know what to do. The next step will be open in front of us by itself.

You have to understand the difference between decision and intention. From one thought the idea is born, and when the idea meets emotion we have a desire. When this is repeated it becomes an intention. It should be made ​​not a decision but an intention. Then you have to wait for it to open.

God is rich and infinitely generous. The outside world will bow in front of us.

So you do not have fear to take the wrong decision. Concentrate instead on what is important. Important is to have the courage to live a true life, a joyful life.

When you are joyful with yourself there is no more the question of what to do. You will see. You will be able to see what is right and what is wrong for yourself.