What is Sufism? (1)

It is not easy to answer to the question ‘what is Sufism’. It is like being asked to answer to the question ‘what is love’ or ‘what is life’.

Words are limited while Sufism attains to the essence of life itself.

Sufism describes a person who is in love with the Divine Himself, the Creation, his parents, arts, beauty.

A dervish tries to be a servant to the others, he tries to be a worker in the society.

There are 40 orders and they are not in concurrency but they are very different in the way they proceed: some are more contemplative, some play music, some dance. They all represent the human aspects and the one you are more attracted to, it is yours.

The only important thing that matters, it is that you fall in love with that flavour, and whatever is that style you do not mind, you adopt it as it is.

It was my last consideration to become a dervish, and actually it became so, my last consideration.

Sufism is a life style, a way of being, it is the mystic path inside a religion. We deal also with the religious face and we try to fill it up with reality. So it becomes beautiful. It becomes ugly if it is filled with something else, as we can see it around.

Every religion is in crisis nowadays, but the main problem is the company you associate with: if you find a master who is like an ocean, your life become like an ocean. If not, you become a square empty head and you fall, you miss to fulfill your work.

We say what you sow you reep. Everything you do, you speak, you think have consequences.
Are you able to carry them or not?
If everyone would take that in consideration there would be a jump in awareness.