How to connect with my heart?


Where is the heart? We start from here.
When we say: “My heart tells me that …”often it is not the heart, it is the mind to speak.
Mental activity provides the ability to perceive only dimly what happens in the heartThe images of the mind are misleading as well as the perceptions of the five senses.
Therefore, it is hard to look in your heart, even to figure out where it is located.

The heart is the centeris the source of life, the physical and spiritual home of our existence. However, it is the mind to be perceived as the control dashboard because it is always in motion, never rests and keeps us immersed in our thoughts and worries around the clock. The more the mind is active, the more it generates suffering.The dervish learns that the power does not reside in the mind or in the muscles, but only in his heart. When he realizes its true nature, he creates a field of attraction that draws everything he needs.
We call this power the magnet of the heart“. Through the constant practice of the dhikr and conscious breathingthe secret spiritual heart awakens. The heart frequency increases to become a continuous vibration that allows access to the reality of the heart.
Then you just have to make what we call the “movement of one step” and with one breath to enter the heavenly reality.
This is how the Shaykhs explores Heavens and the afterlife.To connect with your heart, you actually need to get in touch with eternity.
Through the higher self, our being, it is possible to reach the place where the all the divine records reside from the beginning of time. When you travel through the spheres of consciousness it is possible to enter in any time because everything has been recorded, it is part of the only one film.In today’s society communication is entrusted entirely to a machinethe computer. The so-called social networks” so popular today, represent the end of any possibility of real communicationWhat we think connects us, actually isolates us. 
Why do we adopt this system, and we venerate itBecause it is made for the mind. You end up meeting only in the mind, giving life to an artificial parallel world. 

You need to connect with your heart to seeIf we look through the eyes of the heart, we can all see the same realitybecause the reality is one. Then we can understand each other and we want to live in peace with each other.
This is what all the mystics do, although belonging to  different traditions.

A global awakening is neededThis is the great challenge and it starts in our hearts. If we wake up the divine heart beat within us then we can see the truth.

The teacher is not the one who leads us to the destination. His heart is the door through which our journey towards the divine presence starts.
Dervish” means “to sit at the threshold,” the threshold of the heart of the master.

The disciple forgets himself and tries to enter. Those who did it form an invincible spiritual armythey merged their hearts in a single beat, the rhythm at which they are advancing.

Only an army of light can defeat the army of darkness. Knowledge of heart means heavenly knowledge.

The same way we open our hands up in the act of prayerunfolds  your heart like a flower, open it and ask for the heavenly knowledgethe light of Heaven will touch you.
Our heart is not only the crown of the Earth, it is the crown of the whole universe.
There is only one heart through which you can receive heavenly love and experience it.

The invitation of the masters is always just one: put your mind to sleep and look into your heartWhat you will see there will give you the strength to perceive the divine heartbeat which is in you.
It is the support that God offers you to face the journey.
The journey to the center of the heart.