What does it mean to be a servant?

The role
of the servant is the most relaxing, you let it go and you are inside the will of God, His wisdom, you live in His kingdom, what do you want more? There, the ego can not reach you. We always try to convey the divine in our lives, but in doing so we cannot bring order to the chaos, how can we let the endless ocean of life to fit in the small bowl of the situation of our existence?

You always worry that your life is perfect. A dervish instead just wants to serve the divine, and he is completely detached from his personal affairs. if the Shaykh tells him to be a beggar , he’ll be the happiest beggar in the world. Why? Because doing so he can serve the divine order, and that’s enough. At that moment, everything around him is perfectly in its place.

Before things find their order, their proper disposal, all that is is disorder must dissolve or transform. If your personal relationships or the way  you live are a source of stress and confusion, they have to disappear.

How can you enter in the order? God says, “Call me.” Do it, and it will seem that the world begins to work for you.
In fact, it will trigger the reverse process: it will be you to find finally the inner order, and also the outside world will appear more ordered. When you enter in the divine order, everything seems to fall into place.

Look where your stress lies: you’ll spot what needs to be put in order and begin to act accordingly. And if the cause of your stress was work, or a family member, something you can not change? Adapt. Leave everything as it is, and do not oppose anymore.

You can not go every day to a tree, shake and scold it because it is in the wrong place. On the contrary, you start to behave with kindness. That’s how things change.

When I went for the first time to Maulana, I quickly realized that my destiny was there, there was nothing else for me. When you understand that serving God is the only possibility, it all becomes clear. It is a purification and things will open up in front of you.